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Grade Celebration Day

Each Grade will be Celebrated!

In an effort to show our PCA students some appreciation and encouragement the PTO is introducing "Grade Celebration Day".  Each month starting in September one grade will be celebrated.  Kindergarten will start in September and end the year celebrating 8th Grade in May.  Information will be posted to our FB page as well as the PCA Calendar.  

If you are interested in volunteering for any of these celebrations please let us know by messaging us on FB.  Dates, times, and locations WILL vary for each grade due to academic scheduling and teacher/administration preference. 

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From morning announcements, high fives in the halls, shout outs, and a special treat, to awards and prizes. It's going to be a great way to celebrate our PCA students!


Again, information will be passed as each Grade Celebration Day occurs. Adult attendance has not been approved for this event but volunteers are welcome. (contact us prior to event).


Please be on the look out via ClassDojo, Bloomz, monthly news letter, and Facebook.

(subject to change, but will be in that week).

Kindergarten - September 25th

1st Grade - November 2nd (due to Mondays Museum)

2nd Grade - November 27th

3rd Grade - December 18th

4th Grade - January 30th

5th Grade - February 26th

6th Grade - March 25th postponed

7th Grade - April 29th

8th Grade - May 29th

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