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Welcome to Providence Creek Academy
Parent Teacher Organization website


Our Goal is to bring the PCA community together, support our students in their academic efforts, and provide them with positive and memorable experiences of their time at PCA.  The PTO is also here to support students and staff inside and outside the classroom.  

We welcome any willing volunteers and ideas to make the PCA experience a better one.  As well as help foster the family-like community we all enjoy and love.  Please let us know how we can enhance the PCA PTO.


Event Committee Members Needed


If you are interested in volunteering with the PCA PTO, please consider joining one of our event committees.  Event committee members assist with planning, staffing, or running specific PCA PTO events.

Up coming events are posted below.

Contact us at or

Stop by and see us at our Monthly PTO meeting, the last Tuesday of the month.

PTO News

This is the easiest PTO to become a part of.  Just come out to one of our PTO meetings.  Held every last Tuesday of the month at 4pm in the PCA Employee Lounge.

Plus, it's right after school so feel free to bring your children.  



23rd - Relax Candles Workshop at 4pm

26th - 5th Grade Celebration

27th - General Meeting 4pm

28th - PCA Pride Day


Please see the list of events on the PCA Calendar at and.  Feel free to contact us at or attend a General PTO Meeting if you have any questions or would

like to participate in one or all events or committees.

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